by Karmelloz

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"Inversion finds him eschewing the comfort of familiar territory and plunging headlong into a pool of cyber-noir ambient music reminiscent of Pete Namlook's space music, but combined with noise elements. Titles like "Athenic Fall", "Great Pacific Garbage Patch" and "Ancient Mariner's Crash Report" suggest visual starting-points for the abstract noise-scapes to paint their colorful and alternately beautiful and menacing images. The last two tracks are a tour-de-force; close your eyes and listen to "City of Roses" and the 38-minute epic "Vasovagal Response", utterly convincing and uncompromised music from the outer edge." - anothercountryheard

"There’s a post-internet archaic nature to Karmelloz. Since Source Localization on 1080p, the yung producer has been digging through the mind of purely natural and primitive prophecies where batteries are the energy source, recharging them is the great war, and finding an appliance that is still in working condition is worth more than a peaceful afterlife. Now, Karmelloz goes for the Inversion on HOKO Sounds, as the future looks less like a desert/woodland battery-survival of the fittest and more like a water-world spa that bathes listeners in warmth and cleansing. Serenity here dispels all anxiety in the listener and leaves their body in complete peace of what is to come. It’s as if the mind is evolving into the shaking nature of color and only sweat can iridescently secrete the truth of real human power. Harness your energy with Inversion by Karmelloz, and feel what HOKO Sounds is reeling into the future with." - Tiny Mix Tapes

"Pillowy-soft ambient" - Faded Arrow

"Post-apocalyptic / post-information society ambience from this varied Portland, Oregon based project. Mostly notable for the two long closing tracks." - Encyclopedia of Electronic Music

Limited Edition Cassettes available via Hoko Sounds:

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℗ 2014 Hoko


released August 15, 2014

Cover art and design by Mega Max
Co-Engineered by C Plus Plus
Produced by Karmelloz




Karmelloz Portland, Oregon

"...Karmelloz’s work has come off as inspired and irresistibly candid... It’s not a lack of patience that defines Karmelloz’s music, but an insatiable desire to filter, comment on and divulge the way he himself partakes in technological music and music technology." - The Astral Plane (2015) ... more

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