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"Karmelloz impresses with this eponymous debut album of gauzy, near-future beat projections. 'Karmelloz' feels to us a perfect manifestation of that strange, fractally forming genre we'll refer to as Internet music - a sound drawing its sustenance from a rhizomic spectrum of sources; from '80s movie soundtracks to noise, R&B and ambient musics and reforming them in etheric, compellingly re-balanced equations. It's a lush experience, switching tack from para-dimensional swoon of 'Grls' onto the slyly ambiguous emotional triggers in 'Lawofattraction' and ambient footwork in the luscious 'Lost Without You', or valium-screwed psych on 'Voodoo'. It's all strongly tipped to fans of Wanda Group, D/P/I, Physical Therapy, Jam City, E+E." - Boomkat

"I find a lot of mixtures and influences of post genres in this release from the first track and it sounds very interesting, new and sometimes even funny. There you can find echoes from such genres as minimal, idm, chillwave even footwork or hip-hop based sampling." - Light Leak

"KarmellOz’s self titled record is an acid trip at a beach bbq. It’s fun, care-free, there are some half naked girls playing volley-ball, but every once in awhile, something dark and creepy bubbles up nearly surfacing. It’s never quite enough to break up the party, and that’s probably why we like it. It’s a fun, summertime album (that just happened to drop in the winter) with a nearly overwhelming feeling of impending doom. Sounds like our kind of party" - Exiled in Eugene

"To date, Karmelloz’s favorite strategies involve careful manipulation of the frequency spectrum, muffling rolling waves of organic ambience and surgically overlaying thin metallic structures and boldly incongruous voices that introduce dissonance. He’s a surrealist, one that has not forgotten that the most troubling dreams are just as much about their scarcely expressible emotional tinge as their bizarre juxtapositions." - Electronic Beats

"Karmelloz has been rapidly developing his niche online as a producer of notable and disquieting imagination. Starting, like so many artists, with drum machines and samples, Karmelloz nurtures a curious and increasingly recognizable atmosphere, the scarcely explicable mystique of which emanates from somewhere deep within its deceptively sluggish rhythms and unpredictable juxtapositions. 'Grls' and 'Lawofattraction' show a combination of creativity and veiled malice that can only draw you in deeper." - Subbacultcha

"Lawofattraction" video by Federico Cosci - vimeo.com/55022626

"Recursive" video by Helga Kjerúlf - www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzOr8K7yf5M


released November 22, 2012




Karmelloz Portland, Oregon

"...Karmelloz’s work has come off as inspired and irresistibly candid... It’s not a lack of patience that defines Karmelloz’s music, but an insatiable desire to filter, comment on and divulge the way he himself partakes in technological music and music technology." - The Astral Plane (2015) ... more

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