Source Localization

by Karmelloz

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"Karmelloz, based in the US Pacific North West, has been one of the more subtle producers in the experimental electronic style that has grown up online in the aftermath of hypnagogic pop and alongside its more straightforwardly sample based cousin vaporwave. From these two styles he takes a certain new agey tropicalia, but this is recast distinctively as a sinister, elusive, gentle chaos. While the musical elements used in Source Localization come from a broad range of genres and the tracks strike different poses, there is a continuity that binds them together that's difficult to describe. Maybe it's in the deep, gorgeous churn of drones, filtered as if they were vats of glowing liquid in some amoral future manufacturing plant. Maybe it's an alien logic in the way things are thrown together, creating unnerving dissonance and yet a sense of inevitability that's not just sonic but...technocultural. Benefiting from a handful of decent remixes too, Source Localization might be the best yet from a new producer with an uncanny ear for the modern." - The Wire

"Karmelloz is now on 1080p with his lush and varied electronica styles, largely existing in a downtempo headspace but not afraid to embrace a beat in the right situation. 'Indian Architecture' is a wondrous ambient piece with its flute stabs and swirling pads, while 'Nasa Boyz' comes on like the kind of disheveled house you might find on Workshop. 'Squiggles' may boast a sturdy kick but it's a decidedly mellow affair, but it's still far more structured than the floatation tank bliss out of 'Stranded From Pod'. With a confident embrace of textures and a keen ear for adventurous melodies, you could do far worse than submit yourself to the headphone-ready delights of Source Localization." - Juno

"Computer generated genre-splicing from Eugene, Oregon's Karmelloz, back on the excellent 1080p label. Dissolving decoded traces of house, Footwork, ambient techno and instrumental hip hop in nine diffuse, cloud-minded hybrids, 'Source Localization' ties together strands of thought stemming from Karmolloz's background in neuroscience together with progressive ideas about the deconstruction and recombination of disparate musical ideas thru the prism of Max/MSP. The results feel lush, wide-eyed and optimistic, with the pensive, expansive mystery of some epic computer game soundtrack set in a parallel dimension, taking in New Aged ethnocentricity on 'Indian Architecture' alongside the free-floating techno structure of 'Squiggles', airborne hip hop bounce in 'Feature Net', and pastoral footwork simulations on 'Citrus Acid CPU' feat. C Plus Plus." - Boomkat

"Likening his music to 'a slowly burgeoning bacterial culture feasting silently on nutrients under warm illumination', UK-based critic Adam Harper found rather appropriate words last year to describe the otherwise elusive sonic work by Eugene, Oregon beatsmith Karmelloz. After releases on Purr Tapes and Sewage, the adventurous producer returns with a new cassette on fabled Vancouver imprint 1080p. Source Localization is indeed sneakily yet irresistibly growing on your ears, relentlessly appropriating everything from slow-burning techno patterns to footwork-indebted frenzy and yes, styles others would describe by employing a set of vocabulary that comprises the words 'vapor' and 'wave' – though everything here is considerably more mud-drenched than your average glaring piece of commodified tech utopia bastardisation. Very contemporary, very 'post', and extremely aware of all things outré even among the cyber underground adepts (yes, I bet he even vapes), this is a release that you might have forgotten about in 2015, but it couldn't possibly be more 'now' right now, so inhale deeply before they take it all away from you again. Here's a breath of finest vaporised liquid solution exclusively for you... If you live today (quod non), cop that." - No Fear of Pop

"[Karmelloz] explores the relationship between the organic and the electronic by pitting a gorgeous, gently ebbing bed of synthesizers and samples against a mechanical, footwork-like drum pattern. Even though Karmelloz foregrounds and develops this rigid, percussive dimension of the track, 'Below Freezing' idly floats by, playing out like a long, extended sigh." - Ad Hoc

"A nostalgic ghost hidden somewhere deep within your motherboard whispers, 'Sometimes.' A pounding techno rhythm kicks in, a CPU fan on overdrive whining throughout....When pitch-lowered, proto-Germanic vocals blast into the track, peppered with a “Heyyy!” lifted from a Jock Jams gym, an image of the NASA Boyz—an elite group of nerdy goth teenagers in a spaceflight magnet workout program—suddenly has its theme song. Compared to the remainder of Source Localization’s forays into hip-hop, ambient and footwork, 'NASA Boyz' bangs, pushes and raves harder. Like the rest of the album, the track still sounds commissioned by a particularly turned-on buyer from Walmart’s new age section: High on production values, low on pretense. The softest of soft synths place the whole of Source Localization as much in the forests of the Cascades as in the jungle of the Internet. The NASA Boyz are as at home in the goth club as they are at home, hi-fi headphones on, pumping weights to their eponymous song." - Willamette Week

"This here tape Source Localization by Karmelloz is not only super pinnacle to the kid’s career in analog, but it’s also an excellent access to excising your thoughts. There’s plenty of drips in the up-and-down climax arena, but it’s nice to think that Karmelloz is challenging your thoughts, then breaking speed, pumping blood, and then lingering in a corner." -Tiny Mix Tapes

"To put it plainly, Karmelloz’s Source Localization exquisitely nails such a wide variety of genres and styles within the electronic spectrum that its hard to put a finger on exactly why this album is so awesome. I could spent an eternity trying to collect a vocabulary of super specific niche oriented microgenres to describe this 10 song release but I’ll save time by summarizing it as vaporwave’s somewhat hippy cousin. Karmelloz takes the idea of vapor-style ambience and truly makes it into something unique by stripping it of its typically digital coat and dawning it with something far more elusive and organic. Each track is a different perspective of the same washed out, droney, ultra-texturized landscape that Karmelloz constructs as the habitat for this album to flourish in. There are also a handful of solid remixes at the end that do a remarkable job of tying Source Localization together without wandering too from its airy, lo-fi roots. If you’re like me and you’ve already listened to your Boards of Canada records a million times over and and ache for the same melancholy and wistful ambience, or you just need something to close your eyes and relax to, this is the album for you." - Exiled in Eugene

"1080p Records release the latest 9-track tape of a mysterious noise maker who goes by the pseudonyms _derrida and Karmelloz. ['Feature Net'] is a dreamy swathe of bass with a mix muddier than a salamander in the Highland Games." - Subbacultcha

"1080p delivering another internet uncovered gem, this is getting ridiculous because the vaporwave umbrella can only hold soo many soundcloud musicians, this is spewing into the New Age world but giving us one of the most interesting takes on utopia, i’m completely drenched in happiness that this sound is happening." - ISO50

"['Below Freezing'] drips with a rich metallic glow extremely befitting of the minimalist vapor styles that production seems to be progressing through today." - The 405

Cover art and design by Mega Max


released March 25, 2014




Karmelloz Portland, Oregon

"...Karmelloz’s work has come off as inspired and irresistibly candid... It’s not a lack of patience that defines Karmelloz’s music, but an insatiable desire to filter, comment on and divulge the way he himself partakes in technological music and music technology." - The Astral Plane (2015) ... more

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