Silicon Forest

by Karmelloz

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"Sublime, vaporous sonics from north west America's Karmelloz. The title, 'Silicon Forest' refers to the artist's locale, and specifically the cluster of hi-tech companies clustered between Beaverton and Hillsboro in the U.S. state of Oregon. When coupled with his background in studying neuroscience and psychology, Karmelloz' sixth album can be taken as an abstract reading of the region's shifting psycho-geography, whether emulating the invisible buzz and convulsing chaos of massed electronic signals in 'Nighttime Silence' or the strange meld of accelerated culture and natural wilderness with the fluid hyperreality of 'Nay' and 'Yan'. On the other hand, the more tangible dancefloor structures of cuts like the chiming B-more and ballroom bouncers, 'Blunt Tutorial' and 'Battery Acid', or the supple house flex, 'Coming Up', sound like what you'd imagine they play to guys wearing google-glass and necking smart drugs at the IntraCorp Mechaplex lunchtime disco." - Boomkat

"The most compelling part of Karmelloz’s music is the way samples shape themselves to a background of lightly spiraled and synchronized noises. At it’s least, these samples art controlled by the skillful deploy of Karmelloz, but the artist is merely the glass encasing the terrarium, as sounds grow and expand in ways that only can be defined as organic. Not as though their life couldn’t grow upon their own, but it took the listening skills of an expert to play god on Silicon Forest, and that’s exactly what Karmelloz fans get with this new Cleaning Tapes banger. Beyond the spa and weather mapping, Silicon Forest propels Karmelloz (once again by the artist) into a realm of sound that is both biological and technological. There’re restless atmosphere, characters of clicks-and-flicks, crawling of the millipede type, and breezes that feel as cool as the density is thick." - Tiny Mix Tapes

"Less than six months after the release of his Inversion LP with genre welding label Hoko Sounds, electronic collagist Karmelloz has announced the release of his newest album, Silicon Forest, and shared the opening track to be, ‘Nightime Silence’. The scenery is a bit different this time, with London based Cleaning Tapes hosting the release, but our protagonist it would seem is the same clandestine internaut he ever was. ‘Nightime Silence’ has the outserspace, nowhere and everywhere feel that Karmelloz has homed in on and made his own over the years. It almost feels too open however, as if it’s missing one last thread to tie the whole finished product together, but this is also part of the charm. The track combines elements of hip hop and ambient to create an unnerving purgatory between the two. The lowpass pad, which acts as a reference point for the wandering snare, kick and hi-hat, is sandwiched between some deep sub bass and rap vocal snippets, and there’s even the faint sound of a ha crash hidden away. As a concise introduction to what Karmelloz is all about, ‘Nightime Silence’ is well worth the listen." - BurnFM

"Uncanny post human riddim." - Tropical Waste

"Karmelloz's Silicon Forest, named after the nickname for the Pacific Northwest's hi-tech industry, confirms him as one of hi-tech's best ambient artists, whose subtle work balances heavenly sweetness with the nausea of future shock, and always puts me in mind of giant vats in which amoral artificial biospheres are roused and stirred." - The Fader

"...Silicon Forest could be the richest of several albums so far. His constructions are delicate and flighty as ever, yet also haunted by the interpenetrations of science, technology and nature. [It] has the haziness of numerous parallel yesterdays and the disquieting calm of 1990s ambient." - Wire Magazine

"‘Nay’ eddies and swirls soothingly, a collage of amorphous twinkles, wind chimes and a watery undercurrent. Take a dip and emerge refreshed, you won’t regret it." - Subbacultcha



released February 2, 2015

Silicon Forest is Karmelloz' debut on Cleaning Tapes following acclaimed releases on cult labels 1080p and Hoko Sounds and takes its name from the real Silicon Forest of the Pacific Northwest: "Silicon Forest is a nickname for the cluster of high-tech companies located in the Portland metropolitan area in the U.S. state of Oregon, and most frequently refers to the industrial corridor between Beaverton and Hillsboro in northwest Oregon." Karmelloz attended the University of Oregon studying psychology and neuroscience and his music is often conceptually inspired by his studies, new technologies and the ways by which art, music, digital and consumer culture meld and mutate reciprocally.

The sound of the album is a refined vision of various dance genres; jungle, footwork, house, new age and experimental hip hop meshed with sound design created with experimental software Kyma X, found sound and unconventional recording techniques.

Proving as corporeal and gesticular as it is cerebral and conceptual Silicon Forest at times wouldn't go amiss blaring out high tech nightclub sound systems and on the other end of the spectrum trickling out low bit from YouTube into the weedy haze of a monitor lit bedroom.



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Karmelloz Portland, Oregon

"...Karmelloz’s work has come off as inspired and irresistibly candid... It’s not a lack of patience that defines Karmelloz’s music, but an insatiable desire to filter, comment on and divulge the way he himself partakes in technological music and music technology." - The Astral Plane (2015) ... more

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